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The Hall of Flame offers a wide variety of education programs.  Many are designed for children from ages 4 to 11.  Curator of Education Mark Moorhead has designed a range of tours for children in this age group:


1.  Story Hour Tours.  Groups are divided into classes of no more than 40 children.  Mark and his staff of docents and volunteers lead the class through the galleries and introduce them to the basics of firefighting. 

The tours are tailored to the ages of the children in the group.  Next comes a brief video on the basics of fire safety, followed by a story about what it is like to be a firefighter.

They can be scheduled for anytime between 9 AM and 3 PM, Monday through Friday.  Most story hours take about an hour.  They can be scheduled on fairly short notice, but we do require a reservation to avoid too many groups at one time.  

Fee:  $3.00 per person. One chaperon per 5 participants is free.  $30.00 minimum applies to any guided tour with less than 10 participants.  


2.  Junior Firefighter Workshop (formerly Wet N' Wild). 

Mark spends several hours with workshop groups.  They are aimed at kids from Kindergarten through the 5th grade, and include a tour of the galleries, a fire safety presentation, lots of interactive activities in the fire safety exhibit, and finally a demonstration of pumping from the museum's 1969 Mack fire engine and a hand pumped fire engine built in 1880.  

Mark organizes the kids into bucket brigades and assigns others to "man the brakes" of the hand pumper.  

The kids also aim the booster hose of the Mack at a target and operate the combination fog/solid stream nozzle of the booster line. 

Workshops take about 2 hours and can be scheduled for the morning or afternoon, Monday through Friday.  

Fee:  $6.00 per student.  One chaperon per 5 participants is free.


3.  School Group Tours.  Aimed at school children on a museum field trip.  These tours have two objectives.  First, students learn about the basics of firefighting from a historic perspective, beginning with the hand drawn engines of the 18th century and finishing with modern firefighting methods. 

Second, museum tour leaders show videos and demonstrate the principles of fire safety behavior.  Kids see a fire safety video and they visit the museum's fire safety exhibit area, where they prepare an escape plan, practice stop - drop -roll, inspect a house for fire safety violations, and learn how to call 9-1-1. 

They also get to dress up in firefighter uniforms and climb aboard the museum's 1952 American La France fire engine. 

The museum can handle up to 100 children at a time.  They are divided into groups of no more than 30 children and led by Mark and his staff of docents and volunteers, most of whom are retired firefighters. 

Teachers must reserve a time for these tours.  They are available from 9 AM to 2 PM, Monday through Friday.  Our busiest month for these tours is October, which is fire safety month. 

We recommend that teachers schedule a group tour in any month besides October, so that we can better accommodate their needs.  

Fee:   $3.00 per person. One chaperon per 5 participants is free.  $30.00 minimum applies to any guided tour with less than 10 participants.  


4.  Fire Safe Kids! (formerly Fire Safety Outreach). 

For schools which cannot visit the museum, Mark travels to the school to demonstrate the basics of fire safety to classes.  He uses the same curriculum as firefighters when they visit schools. 

Unfortunately most fire departments do not have the staff to visit every school who requests a visit, so Mark helps to bridge some of these gaps.

Your students will learn about safety issues with video presentations, games, hand-outs, and more!  Teachers love this fun filled and creative explanation of basic fire safety and science.  

Fee:  $6.00 per student.  Minimum fee is $60.00 for groups of less than 20.


5.  Tours for older students.  For children in Middle School and for High School students, the museum offers guided tours that cover the history of firefighting in the United States, the technology of firefighting, and a description of the fire service as a career.  These tours include a wide range of videos as well as descriptions of the equipment on display in the galleries.  The level of the presentation matches the ages and interest levels of the students.  

Fee:  $3.00 per person for groups of 30 or more;  One chaperon per 5 participants is free. Minimum fee is $30.00 for groups of less than 10.  


6.  Adult Groups.  The museum offers guided tours of the galleries for adult groups of 10 or more.  Tours usually take an hour, but can vary to meet the interests of the group. 

The museum is a popular destination for bus tours as well as groups of students in fire science classes at local community colleges.

Fee:  $5.00 per person. Minimum fee is $30.00 for groups of less than 10.


Hall of Flame Open Houses. 

Each October  the museum sponsors an Open House on the museum grounds.  These Saturday events include hands on activities such as pumping a pair of fire engines, rides on a museum fire engine, face painting, games, drawings, and visits with professional clowns.

Local fire departments bring their latest pieces of apparatus and welcome kids to climb aboard.  Smokey Bear is also usually available for hugs by kids.  Admission is free to all.  Open Houses typically draw well over a thousand visitors to the museum.  


To schedule a tour:  Call the museum at 602-275-3473 and ask for Curator of Education Mark Moorhead. 

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