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Fire Extinguishers



The museum owns about 400 extinguishers from the United States and Great Britain.  Most are portable extinguishers of from 1 quart to 3 gallons.  Many are of the grenade variety, both water and Carbon Tetrachloride based.   Many are cylindrical 19th century dry chemical type extinguishers.  



The museum also owns about a dozen wheeled extinguishers.  Some of these are of the English variety that was popular in large homes, schools, and office buildings at the turn of the nineteenth century.  Others are  "chemical carts" with one or two thirty gallon tanks equipped with water, sodium bicarbonate and sulfuric acid that were very popular in the United States between 1880 and 1940.  We also have more modern foam, dry chemical, and carbon dioxide carts.




This 30 gallon Fire Extinguisher Manufacturing Company chemical cart dates from about 1890.  It was last used at the Yerkes Observatory in Wisconsin.


This American La France - Foamite foam extinguisher was used in a Wisconsin power plant from 1930 to 1967.



A Pirsch Champion style chemical cart built around 1900 for the town of Centerville, Wisconsin.

This two tank cart was made by Waterous in 1908 for a small town in Wisconsin.

This Babcock style chemical cart was built by the Boyer Fire Apparatus Company for a display model at Boyer's company headquarters.



An exhibit of a variety of small extinguishers, dating from the 1880s to the 1940s.  From left to right:  carbon tetrachloride syringe styles, dry chemical extinguishers, and both water and carbon tetrachloride grenades.


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