Hall of Flame Membership Application Form

Print this form and either mail it or fax it with your check or credit card information to the Hall of Flame at: 6101 East Van Buren St.,  Phoenix, AZ 85008    Fax:  (602) 275-0896             

Or join over the phone by calling us at (602) 275-3473 

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Don't forget to underline or circle your premium selection(s)!    Please make all checks payable to the Hall of Flame Museum of Firefighting.

Membership Form

YES, I've reviewed the membership categories.  Please begin my membership as a (an):
q $30 Associate q $40 Family q $65 Black Helmet Brigade
q $65 Fire Professional q $100 Red Helmet Brigade q $250 White Helmet Brigade
q $500 Contributing q $750 Sponsor q $1,000 Benefactor
This entitles me to a complimentary copy of the Hall of Flame's Guide to Exhibits, a subscription to the Quarterly Newsletter, a 10% discount on all store sales, and many other benefits.
q Payment by check.        Amount:  $ __________________
q Payment by Credit Card.    Please bill my   q Visa        q MasterCard     q   American Express   
Account No.:                                                                                       Expiration Date:  
Name (please print):
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We are pleased to offer these premiums in appreciation for your membership

Associate Membership Circle one:

1. Professionally made 10 minute DVD about the exhibits at the Hall of Flame.                                         

2. Dalmation Key  Chain 
3.  American Flag lapel pin
4.  Arm Patch from: (Circle one patch) Denver, Las Vegas, FDNY, Hall of Flame, LA County, Chicago.

Family Membership: Circle two:

2. Dalmation key chain                                                                           

 10 minute DVD of the Exhibits at the Hall of Flame
5. Spotty in Fire Helmet Cap Pin

4. Arm Patch from: (Circle one patch)  Denver, Las Vegas, Hall of Flame, FDNY, LA County, Chicago.)

3.  American Flag Lapel Pin
6. Red Hall of Flame Kid's T (XS, S, M, L)
7. Navy Blue Phoenix FD Kid's T (XS, S, M, L)

Black Helmet or Fire Professional Level: Circle two choices.

8. Phoenix FD Navy Blue reflective logo  (Med, Large, XL,XXL) 

10. Phoenix FD T Shirt (Med, Large,  XL, XXL)
9. Hall of Flame Navy Blue "Walking Tall" T-Shirt (Med, Large,  XL, XXL)
11. Stairway To Heaven Navy Blue T- Shirt (Med, Large,  XL, XXL)
7. Navy Blue Phoenix FD Kid's T (XS,  S,  M,  L)
6. Red Hall of Flame Kid's T (XS, S, M, L)

Red Helmet Level: 

Circle three of the Black Helmet / Fire Professional premiums.
OR  circle N0 13 (Hard Cover  200 page  50th Anniversary History of the Hall of Flame
OR circle No 12  Hall of Flame Golf Shirt in grey, red or black ( Large, XL, XXL)

White Helmet Level:

All of the Black Helmet premiums plus either a Hall of Flame golf shirt (L, XL, XXL), (grey, red, black), or the Hall of Flame History

  Click on each premium's picture to see an enlarged view

5. Spotty in Fire Helmet Cap Pin

  2. Dalmation Key Chain

3. Flag Lapel Pin

4. FDNY Arm Patch 4. Denver FD Arm Patch 4. Hall of Flame Arm Patch

4. Las Vegas Arm Patch 4. LA County FD Arm Patch  4. Chicago FD Arm Patch 9. Volunteer Firefghter T Rear

8. Navy Blue 
Phoenix FD

7. Hall of Flame Kid's T    
6. Red Kid's T  Front 10. Navy Blue Phoenix FD T  Front  11.  Hall of Flame 51 Mack T 9.  Hall of Flame kids T 8. Navy Blue Phoenix FD T Back 7. Navy Blue Phoenix FD Kid's T  Front
6. Red Kid's T 
10. Navy Blue Phoenix FD T Back 11. Rescue 3 Kids T   12. Hall of Flame Golf Shirt in red, grey or black

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