In November of 2011 The museum received a new addition in the form of a 1974 Oskkosh P-4 crash truck on loan from the Air Force Aviation Heritage Foundation. The Foundation is moving its headquarters from Atlanta, Georgia to Colorado Springs, Colorado, and does not yet have the storage space to house the truck. Until an adequate facility is available, the truck will be on loan at the Hall of Flame.  The truck is in excellent running condition and has been fully restored by the Air Force Aviation Heritage Foundation.

The truck was stationed at Edwards Air Force Base in California for about fifteen years, and was then sold to the Harrisburg, PA airport. In 2008 the Heritage Foundation acquired it and completed the restoration. About 500 P-4s were built for the Air Force and Navy between 1972 and 1980. It has a 1,000 gpm pump, a 1,500 gallon  water tank, a 200 gallon foam tank, and a single rear mounted Caterpillar diesel engine.

It can fight structural fires with standard 2 ½ inch hose or it can pump and roll with its chin and roof turrets. Weighing only 15 tons without water, it can readily be loaded and flown in a C-130 transport plane anywhere in the world.