Type 400 Senior fire engine. Ex – Norfolk, NE.. Donated by Mr. Bernie Lowe.


The town of Norfolk, Nebraska used this engine from 1935 until the 1960s.  It was American La France’s largest engine, with a mighty V-12 engine capable of generating almost 250 horsepower.  Top speed is over 60 miles per hour. Its 1250 gpm rotary pump sits directly behind the engine, resulting in a majestic hood reminiscent of the large touring automobiles of the 1930s.  

Only about 170 Model 400s were built between 1933 and 1938.  Few departments could afford  the pricey trucks. 

Norfolk had its fire engine painted white.  Many  towns copied the paint styles of nearby large cities.  Denver, Colorado painted its rigs white, and many towns in Colorado and Nebraska followed suit.  This engine was donated to the museum by  Mr. Bernard Lowe.  It was restored by Don Hale.



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December 9, 2019