Model N fire engine. Ex – North Tarrytown, NY.


Don Hale restored this large piston pumper to its original condition in 1990.  It served for almost twenty five years with the Rescue Hose Volunteer Fire Company of North Tarrytown, New York.  

Ahrens-Fox fire engines were highly regarded by firefighters.  Their massive piston pumps could draft water from ponds or rivers with great efficiency – a handy capability for towns and cities with harbors or riverfronts.  The engine could pump over 600 gpm at pressures approaching 400 psi.  This made it popular with cities with high rise buildings that required powerful pumps to move water to heights of over 700 feet to supply a fire department connection. Rated capacity at normal pressure of 150 psi was 1,000 gpm.  Top speed was close to 40 mph. 

This engine also has a foam dispenser that allows it to generate Class B foam for use on petroleum fires.


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December 9, 2019