Quad fire engine ex – River Forest, IL.


This rig was built for the village of River Forest, Illinois.  Fox called it a “Quad” because it had four capabilities: a large (1000 gpm) pump; a 100 gallon water storage tank and small diameter “booster” hose for quick attack; over 200 linear feet of ground ladders; and storage for over 1000 feet of large diameter hose. Standard fire engines were typically “Triples”- they lacked the ability to carry more than a pair of small ladders.  Quads supposedly filled the need for a ladder truck and an engine –  able to attack a fire with its pump and to provide ladders for rescue and ventilation.  

In practice quads proved to be good pumpers but mediocre to poor ladder trucks. This “Quad” served River Forest well until the 1960s, when the town donated the piece to the Hall of Flame.  

Since the 1970s the Quad has carried the directors of the Fiesta Bowl in its annual parade through downtown Phoenix.  It was restored to its original condition in 1993 by Don Hale.


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December 9, 2019